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Student Policies


One early makeup and one late makeup can be given per class per month. If you know you need to miss more than that, contact us. Managing your absences is helpful to the instructor and administration - so keep doing it! - but DOES NOT currently give you makeups. You still have to email to receive a makeup.

If you email ALOFTMAKEUPS@GMAIL.COM at least 24 hours in advance, you receive an Early Cancel Makeup or its equivalent in credit. If it is less than 24 hours notice you will receive a Late Cancel Makeup or its equivalent in credit.

Makeups do not expire, but you can only use them if you are currently enrolled in a monthly class and cannot use them to pay for your session. You can use them to “pay” for a second (or third) class if you have enough to cover the session. Contact us to do this.

There are no makeups for open gym.


Early Cancel Makeups can be used for any apparatus class you are approved to take or a drop in class. You must email to register for an apparatus class to see if space is available as you cannot book these online. You can also use 3 early cancel makeups for a 1 hour private lesson. Connect with your coach to do this.

Late Cancel Makeups can be used for drop in classes. You can self book drop in classes from the drop in shopping cart. Choose Punchcard then the Makeup as your payment method.

All makeups can also be used for open gym, if you are approved for open gym, which you can book through the drop in shopping cart.


If you are more than 15 minutes late to class, your coach can allow you to stay, but you will only be allowed to watch and take notes. You will not be allowed to participate if the warmup is over and will not receive a makeup.



Open gym is available to currently enrolled adult students with at least one full session of an Advanced Beginning level class or above or students taking consistent private lessons with coach approval. If you are an advanced youth student, reach out to Kristi for approval.

Students at open gym must train only the apparatus in which they are currently enrolled or taking private lessons. Only work on skills that have been taught to you and no teaching of other students.




If the class you want to join is full, you will be prompted to add yourself to the waitlist. You can check that this is successful by going to your user dashboard where your registrations are listed.

The waitlist rolls over month to month and when a spot opens up, you will receive an email.




If an instructor or Aloft needs to cancel a class, the instructor will schedule a make-up class at a mutually agreeable time or you will be given account credit or assigned a makeup credit.

If less than 4 students register for a class, that class may be cancelled. Students will have the option of a refund or to have it credited towards a future class and will be given assistance in finding another suitable class.




Aloft does not issue refunds (except as noted above). If a student needs to withdraw from a class due to medical/personal issues, they should contact us immediately, as the amount of credit issued towards a future session is based on the notification date.



If you are registered for a session class, you will be auto-enrolled for the following month when that schedule is created on the 15th. If you need to unenroll or transfer classes, contact us before the 25th when autopay is run.


On the 25th of the month you will be auto-billed for the coming session if you have a card on file. If you do not have a card on file, this is the last day to pay your balance before you are canceled from class. You can do this by clicking "Pay Tuition Balance" from the vamp main page or user dashboard. If you do not do either you will be canceled from class and risk losing your spot to incoming students or folks on the waitlist.




Owing to the nature of aerial and circus arts, Aloft’s teachers have full discretion to ask students to observe or excuse students from classes whose behavior they deem disruptive or whom they deem unsafe to participate for any reason. If the problem persists, the student will not be allowed to continue taking classes at Aloft.


To move to the next level of an apparatus, a student must receive their instructor’s permission.



Observation of classes is not permitted unless you are registered for the class.

Filming of classes are not permitted unless you are in class and taking training footage of yourself or the coach with permission.


No jewelry (earrings, rings, necklaces, bracelets, etc). Any body piercings that come into contact with the equipment must be taped. No clothing with zippers, hooks or anything that might catch and tear the fabric or your skin. Clothing that is stretchy but not baggy, and fully covers your knees, armpits and waist is recommended.

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