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Aloft Youth Ensemble

AYE is a performance program for intermediate and advanced kids aged 12-18. AYE meets 2-3 times weekly during the school year and offers performance focused instruction, ensemble work, and leadership opportunities. AYE's yearlong (September - May) program offers multiple performance opportunities throughout the year and concludes in a final full-length contemporary show. 

For more information or to request to join the program please email the Director of AYE: Kristi at 

To see more videos/photos of the AYE Program/Shows visit our official Instagram @aloftyouthensemble


The 2024 AYE show is May 17th and 18th, 2024.

three youth students are posing on the aerial cage used in the aloft youth ensemble show
two aloft youth ensemble students pose together in a duo lyra act
the aloft youth ensemble are seen below a student in a sling
a youth contortion student is pictured doing a split with her head on her foot
two aloft youth ensemble students are pictured doing a split on rope
two of the aloft youth ensemble are seen posing on trapezes during their end of year show
the aloft youth ensemble is pictured with their coaches rachel and kristi, all holding juggling balls
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