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Frequently Asked Questions

am i strong enough to take an aerial class?

Yup! We will have you start in one of the Aerial Basics Class to learn the basics and you will move up at your own pace. You can take more than one class a week if you want to breeze through or try ABC Trap first as opposed to ABC Silks if you are worried about your upper body strength.

i'm old - can i take a class?

Yup! We have students of all ages, bodies, and abilities.

i'm new - where should i start?

We require all people new to aerial to start in either the ABC (Aerial Basics Class) for Silks or Trapeze. If you are interested in Silks, take ABC Silks. If you are interested in Trapeze, Lyra, or Sling take ABC Trapeze. You do not need to take ABC if you wish to register for any of the drop in classes (handstands, stretching)

i'm not new - where should i start?

If you have previous aerial experience check out the level pre-reqs on the classes page and reach out to with the level that you think is appropriate as well as any recent training videos. You will need approval before you can register on VAMP. We may suggest a lower level first so you can become familiar with our curriculum, but you can change levels anytime as long as there are spaces in class. 

i'm from out of town - can i drop in?

Yes, we'd love to have you take a class or private while you are in town. If you email minimum a week ahead of time with recent training videos of your experience, and the date/time of the class you wish to take, you can attend a class at the drop in rate of $43 if there is space.

what's the deal with open gym?

Typically open gyms are 2 hours on Thursday through Sunday. You have to be at or above Advanced Beginning level in the apparatus you will be training. You must be either an adult student currently in a session class, an adult student taking consistent private lessons, or have explicit instructor permission. If you are looking to join open gym from out of town, email with videos of your experience. You do not need to bring your own equipment.

how do i register?

To register for anything you need a vamp account and a signed waiver.

To register for a month of classes click register for session from the homepage.

To register for a single drop in class go to the drop in shopping cart from the main homepage. 

To register for a workshop, click register for workshop from the homepage.

You can also register for these from your user dashboard. 

how do i cancel my regstration?

Email to unenroll if you are in a session class or wish to transfer to a different class.

i have to miss class - how do i get a makeup?

If you email at least 24 hours in advance, you receive an Early Cancel Makeup or its equivalent in credit. If it is less than 24 hours notice you will receive a Late Cancel Makeup or its equivalent in credit.

Max one early and one late per class per month. See the full makeup policy here. You can see your makeups under punchcards on your user dashboard.

how do i use my makeups?

You can use your makeups for a drop in class (handstands, stretching, or open gym if you are approved). Register from the VAMP drop in shopping cart and choose Punchcard then the makeup as your payment method. 

You can use Early Cancel makeups for an apparatus class drop in. You must email with the class/date and if there is space we can add you.


You can use Early Cancel makeups for private lessons (3 = 1 hour) or an additional session class if you have enough early cancel makeups to cover the whole month. You must email that you wish to use makeups to pay for your session before autopay goes through on the 25th of each month.

how do i book a private lesson?

Reach out directly to the coach or email with your availability, previous experience, and desired apparatus and we can connect you with a coach. 

how do i buy a gift card?

Go here

A month of ABC classes generally costs $54, private lessons start at $80, and for the experienced student a month of classes is $160.

how do i work with you?

Email with your cv to

how much do classes cost?

how do i purchase tickets to a show?

Tickets can be found on ticketleap and we announce tickets on sale on our facebook and instagram.

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