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may registration is open!

Basic things to know: 

VACCINATION is required! Send your vax card to

Make an account here and sign your waiver

We require all people new to circus to start in either the ABC (Aerial Basics Class) for Silks or Trapeze. If you are interested in Silks or Sling, take ABC Silks. If you are interested in Trapeze, Lyra, or Sling  take ABC Trapeze.

If you have purchased the groupon for the ABC class you need to email with your groupon redemption code so it can be applied to your VAMP account. 

If you have experience go to the descriptions and pre-reqs page and email with what level you think reflects your experience so you can be approved to register.

If you sign up for a session, you will be auto-enrolled each month and auto billed on the 25th of each month if you have your card on file - which you can do from your user dash.

Join the Aloft Students! facebook group or join the newsletter from Our makeup policy is that you must email me here more than 24 hours in advance to receive full makeup credit.

Any problems with the registration process? Email us!

most classes are 
$160 per session
See class descriptions and prerequisites here
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