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Sanctuary Returns! April 3, 8PM-live. April 10, 7PM Virtual Watch Party

Join us again for Sanctuary Cabaret! In our beloved Aloft, with our beautiful lights and out luscious heights, we will return to the thing that we have commited our lives to! It's been too long and we hope that you will join us for the religious experience of circus. The show will be performed LIVE on April 3 at 8PM, with an intimate 30 person audience in our normally 200 capacity venue. All audience, performers and staff will be masked. Tickets are $30 for a chair or $50 for a table. If you are interested in attending live, please get your tickets here.

So many badasses will be doing their unforgettable things! Join us to see

  • Strongman Tulga throw a log around--and maybe some people, too.

  • Lindsay Culbert-Olds and her uuuuhmayyyzing straps

  • Willem McGowen-diabolo--THE DEVIL

  • David Chervony-Throwing things! And often catching them, too!

  • Rachel Nesnevich, the enchantress of hoops

  • Nick Ng flipping around a rope like it's the floor exercise

  • Hayley Larson reminding you of all the beauty that still exists in the world with two flimsy pieces of fabric

  • Char Tai bending around like just what???

  • And of course the magical musical dreamscape of Brooklyn Britches.

Bring some champagne and a straw and watch us live at Aloft

OR OR OR We will also be doing an online Watch Party for the show on April 10 at 7PM. Drink that champers from a glass and eat a cake--Snuggle up with your housebuddies and feel the power of circus course through your veins once more.Get tickets for the watch party here!

As always, Patreon supporters at the $35/mo level get access to the watch party for FREE! Want to support us on Patreon? You get lots of cool content exclusive to Patrons. Head over to our Patreon Page and sign up!

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