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It's MakeupPalooza!

When COVID first hit, a little over a year ago, we had to make a hard and fast pivot to online classes. We, like most everyone, thought we would be closed for maybe two weeks. Ok, maybe a month.

Well, of course we watched in horror as one month stretched into 3 and we realized we'd sort of shot ourselves in the butt with some of our closure policies--namely our make-up policy. When we thought we'd be closed for only a short time it was reasonable to offer a future makeup for every missed in-person class while we were offering online classes. But when June rolled around we realized that policy was no longer sustainable.

Aloft is currently under a backlog of about 3000 makeup lessons that we owe. Yes, 3000. We would like to get these under control, and get our docket cleared, so that once our sweet PPP loan money runs out we can start fresh. This is a lot of words to say that between our May reopening and the end of July we will be wearing our flower crowns to MakeupPalooza!

During MakeupPalooza we will be allowing students to take classes using makeup lessons as sole payment. Usually, our policy is that you have to have a paid monthly membership to use your makeups. Well, fogedaboutit! Just come and use those badboys up instead of using your cold-hard cash (or cold hard credit card) until July 1.

Beginning in August, you'll still have your makeups, but you'll only be able to use them the old way. You'll have to be paying for a monthly class and you'll only be able to use them for drop-in classes like Stretching, Conditioning and Open Gym OR same-day makeups in a leveled class.

Of course if you want to pay for your classes the old-fashioned way, please do that!!! Lol. Please.

Also, if you have so many makeups that you don't even know what to do with them, remember that you can still donate them to our Makeup the Difference Scholarship! Your classes will be given to BIPOC youth who otherwise wouldn't be able to access circus arts! It's a pretty cool thing to do. If you want to donate, just shoot us an email to

You can also gift your makeups to someone else! Email that same address above to do so.

You can ALSO still use your makeups for private lessons.

Join our Town Hall Info Session on April 6 to get all the info on this and signing up for classes. If you have questions you can submit them here. Register for the Town Hall here.

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