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Sanctuary is BACK! Live in-person and virtual!

July 18th, we are back live from our beautiful home! A punk rock, underground circus show in a 112 year old church! We'll be bringing you the most badass artists that Chicago has to offer LIVE in front of your masked face, OR from the comfort of you couch/bathtub/patio.

Only 30 in-person tickets are available and they will go FAST! But, don't worry! We have unlimited online tickets for the shoowwwww! Watch from home and pretend you're there, or come drink your BYO from a straw tucked under your mask.

Did I mention masks? Yes, we will all have masks. Audience, performers and staff. Our in-person capacity is going to be kept low and seating will be distanced.

PSSST: Ticket prices listed are a minimum...if you are feeling flush and you want to support your favorite spunky circus company, feel free to dig deep and throw us down some more. We will literally love you forever and never forget your kindness. We need all the help we can get these days!

Get tickets here!!!

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