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We are proud to announce the Aloft Scholarship for Bravery and Badassery in Circus

CHICAGO, IL--Jan 23, 2020. As the circus arts grows by leaps and bounds in the United States, Aloft seeks to ensure that this growth includes a diversity of voices and experiences. A circus school education can be prohibitively expensive for many students, leading to a homogeneity of stories being told in this art form. In order to combat this, Aloft Circus Arts is announcing the Aloft Scholarship for Bravery and Badassery in Circus--a full tuition award to attend Aloft’s Two Year Professional Training Program.

“Moving into the 7th year of our program, I feel it’s important to ensure that our professional program is being proactive in lifting up a diversity of voices in the circus arts,” says Program Director and Aloft Founder Shayna Swanson. “I’m passionate about pushing this artform forward and I think making circus higher education accessible to more people is a crucial step in that development.”

This need-based full-tuition scholarship will be awarded to one promising circus student for the 2020-2022 program cycle. Aloft will select an artist who displays a high level of skill, technique and creativity in the circus arts, as well as a powerful vision for their career. Applicants should also have a compelling personal narrative and be able to highlight the bravery and badassery at their core. Audition applications are due Feb 15 and scholarship applications are due by Feb 25. All applicants must attend the Chicago audition in March 18-19.

The Two-Year Professional Training Program at Aloft is a two-year, highly intensive and structured curriculum designed to guide circus students into vibrant and capable circus artists. With a strong focus on ensemble building, Aloft concentrates on a small group of students for the entire two years, rather than running a first and second year concurrently. This individualized attention, with only 10-12 students in the program, results in graduates with a strong artistic vision and acts that stand apart in the creativity and skill.

For more information on the Two Year Professional Training Program please see:

Audition Application (Due Feb 15):

Scholarship Application (Due Feb 25)

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