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Brave Space is going on tour!

We are hard at work remounting our show with a new cast member, the amazing Natalie Abell who brings her many, many talents into our tiny, tiny tent. Why??? Because we are taking this show on the road from March 22-31! Are you so lucky that we are coming to your town???

Here is our Tour Schedule as of now...Click the names to buy the tickets...and you KNOW you want to get them in advance!

March 22-TBD

March 23-Pittsburgh (Iron City Aerial Arts)

March 24-Philadelphia (Secret Circus)

March 29-St Louis (Bumbershoot Aerial Arts)

March 30-TBD

March 31-Lincoln, NE

Those TBD dates??? We are looking for spaces between Chicago and Pittsburgh for the 22 and Between St Louis and Lincoln for the 30. Please give a shout if you know any people willing to host our show!

Tell all your friends and family in those towns to check us out so they can get a better idea of what all your training is about!

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