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Aloft's Summer Intensives: An awesome way to jump start your badassery

With our sweet summer intensives, from August 13-26, you can get a full sessions worth of classes and improvement in just two weeks! So, maybe you can bump your bad self up a session in the fall, OR try out something brand new without committing 8 weeks of your life to it.

This is also an kick ass way for beginners to speed past the basics and get to the fun tricks even faster! Plus, in two weeks, you'll have arms that make your friends make incessant "gun show" comments every time you see them.

The way it works is that you come for class Monday-Thursday for 2 weeks. If that doesn't work for you, we also have weekend intensives! I"m sure you can find something to make your activity tracker go bonkers.

Here is our schedule. Take a look, decide what you want to do, then sign up to make it oh so real! YEAH! GET IT! You'll be able to visibly see your muscles growing.

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