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Two Year Professional Program Now Available as Two Separate Years!

Want to train circus intensively, but don't want to commit two years? You're in luck! The two years of our program may now be taken as stand-alone years!

Different artists have different goals. The new format of Aloft’s Full Time Training Program gives multiple pathways to achieve your circus dreams, whatever they are.

Year one is our FOUNDATIONS AND RESEARCH YEAR. This year is perfect for the person who wants to spend 9 solid months doing intensive training to develop strong core, ensemble skills (juggling, dance, physical theater, acrobatics, handstands) that will make you a valuable and vital circus artist. You’ll also dive deeply into research in your chosen apparatus, developing a voice and movement style that is unique to you. Students will work toward an end of the year show and come away with the solid skills and tools needed to progress to Year Two, or to continue their training in a different capacity.

Auditions for Year One will be June 9th. Year One will run from Sept 5, 2018- May 25, 2019. Please apply at:

Year two is our LAB YEAR and TOUR. Designed as a sort of “circus graduate program”, this year is ideal for emerging artists who have already completed Aloft’s first year, a foundational year in a different program, or newly professional artists who wish to intensively develop an act to completion. In addition to independent training time, core classes in physical theater, dance, acrobatics, trampoline, handstands and more each month with feature a week long intensive workshop with a different world-class circus maker. Last year’s lab coaches included Cohdi Harrell, Rain Anya, Joseph Pinzon, George Orange, Alessandra Ogren, Emma Sarjeant, Keith Bindlestiff and Lara Paxton.

Additionally, the Lab Year will culminate in a final show created over 2 months with an internationally renowned director...and the show will take place in Aloft's very own BIG TOP! That show will then go on tour, giving students their first job immediately following graduation!

In March 2019 we will hold an audition for both Year One and Year Two. Stay tuned for Year Two application details in November 2018. At this time we are only accepting students for Year One.

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