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We did it! We got that thing!

Remember that thing you may have donated money to way back last August/September, or at the very least heard us blabbing about for the last 9 months?? That thing where our little circus company planned to buy a buy a big church? Maybe you have been wondering how that's been going. Well...

Last week, on my birthday...WE BOUGHT THAT CHURCH!

Typing those words makes me get all weepy. It's been a completely exhausting, frustrating and daunting experience but now I have an actual shoebox full of keys that open strange doors, nooks, crannies and surprises. Aloft has a forever home in a church! A church in a wonderful, vibrant neighborhood where we can reach a new audience of people who will become circus practicers and fans. We will be able to give people a deeper understanding of what the circus arts are, though public performances, community outreach and expanded class offerings, all in a completely beautiful space. We could have never, ever done this without your support.

If you didn't have a chance, or the funds, to help us out the first time around, don't worry, we always need more money, hahahaha. Seriously...the rigging and the purpose-driven build-out of the old beauty are enough to make me lose any sleep I ever may have pretended to get. If you'd still like to help us out, or help us out again, you can make a tax-deductible donation on our Fractured Atlas page. We still need to raise about $30K to be in the green.

Alternately, want to invest in apiece of amazing property in the rapidly-appreciating Logan Square? Shoot me an email and we will talk! Looking for small investments...I love the idea of the community owning a stake in this little corner.

Our hope is to have the building up and running for classes by July, and certainly no later than September. Make sure you are on our mailing list to stay updated about our progress. We also post everything on our Facebook page (because we are old and don't understand the newest, coolest thing--just kidding...we ARE the newest, hippest thing!).

OMG! OMG! You guys! Bathroom graffiti really does work sometimes! Next time maybe I'll take a chance and call Lela for a good time! Congrats, Matt and Jessica, on the 4eva...really impressive! "You're gonna get that thing"...the bathroom graffiti that inspired the circus to move out of the crappy warehouse and into Logan Square!!!

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