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Jingle Jangle Student Shebangle

It's been a while since we've let our students shine. Sure, some students have crashed the stage at El Circo Cheapo from time to time, but now we dedicate a full night to their amazing antics. Now, not just any student show with just any yahoos...our show features our advanced classes performing group acts and advanced individual students doing acts they've been developing in hopes of becoming super circus rockstars! So head on over to the Aloft Loft so you can say "I saw them first"!

December 13th, 5PM and 8PM

GET YOUR TICKETS NOW! These shows will sell out! Show One-5PM Clown Class Mon 7:30 Tightwire Thurs 7:30 Sling Tues 6 Adv Acro Tues 7:30, Sat 1:30 Trap Int 2 Thurs 7:30 Trap int 2 Sun 10:30 Silks Int 1 Mon 730 Silks Int 1 Mon 6, Weds 6 Straps Thursday 7:30 Single Point Monday 6 Alicia and Chad Skye and Greta Mari & Allan Jaylon Javiera Show Two-8PM Clown Class Mon 730 Tightwire Thurs 7:30 Adv Acro Tues 7:30, Sat 1:30 Trap Int 1 Wed 7:30 Trapeze Tuesday 7:30 Silks Int 1 Sun 10:30 Silks Int 2 Tues 7:30AM Adv Silks Weds 7:30 Straps Thursday 7:30 Single Point Monday 6-7:30p Lyra Tuesday 7:30 Scott Priz Hadley Austin Mary Pat Vanessa

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