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Thank you for helping us raise $60,000!!!

Whew! 60 days of fundraising is exhausting! But, thanks to you, all 313 of you, we came out with $60,000 in our fund, ready to circusify this old church. THANK YOU for your generosity of money, thoughtfulness of words and infectiousness of spirit. A project this this is daunting and scary, but I know its the only way into the future for Aloft and hopefully other companies around the country can one day follow suit. Whenever I felt like this is too much and too hard, I'd get a donation or a little note from someone saying they believed in this. Thank you.

If you wanted to donate but forgot, or whatever, it's ok. I know. It's hard to remember things. You can still make a tax deductible doantion to the church on our Fractured Atlas Fiscal Sponsorship page.

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