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Collectif and then present "No Man's Land"

Collectif and then... present their work in progress "No Man's Land" at the end of their residency at Aloft on October 24th.

Get your tickets here! Tickets only $10-15. "No Man's Land" is an exploration of the space in between borders, what it means to cross those borders and what exists before you reach the other side. Using the medium of circus (namely double cloud swing and vertical rope), we explore this space with our audience. As circus artists, we often play with our physical limits, we want to open this up and look at this theme from different angles. An exploration of borders naturally also leads us to explore geographical and political borders, particularly at this time. Come and wander with us in No Man's Land, through our thoughts and ideas about what this performance can be. Feedback welcome and helpful! There will be a reception and talk back with the artists following the show. ABOUT COLLECTIF AND THEN... Collectif and then is a young new circus company based in London. During their professional training at Circus Space (specialising in double rope) Francesca Hyde and Lucie N'Duhirahe decided to create a multidisciplinary circus-theatre collective. Integrating circus arts, scenography, choreography and a theatrical sense of narrative, Collectif and then.. have created a very exciting hybrid theatrical language. They started the collective out of a shared belief that there is a need for circus with substance - by this they mean a circus that raises questions about society. They use their minds, bodies, equipment and audiences to playfully explore. They aim to reach new audiences and work closely with the community. They provide no answers, no sweeping statements and no grand gestures, they do however aim to provide a platform for discussion, and encourage people to ask questions. Collectif and then... are funded by the Jerwood Charitable Foundation, Arts Council England and supported and produced by Roundhouse, The Circus Space and Jacksons Lane. About High Res After founding the Chicago Contemporary Circus Festival last year, Aloft Circus Arts has continued to look for new ways to support the development and success of contemporary circus in the United States, and Chicago in particular. Putting their money where their mouth is, Aloft offers circus directors and choreographers $3000, two months of rehearsal space, panel feedback showings, a public presentation and more. 2015 will feature three groups taking advantage of this program: Vigeland, Colectifandthen from the UK and CircoSapien, a new company from Chicago.

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