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Aloft is buying a church! We need your help!

Aloft has risen over the last ten years from humble beginnings to become one of the largest physical theater and contemporary circus schools in the county. While we love the building we called "home" for the past 8 years it has inhibited us in some ways, namely because it is located in an industrial zone. We're ready to pack up our trapezes and sparkly unitards and move into our own building -- one that will allow us to offer classes to all ages of students, public performances for the community, access for variably-abled persons, and more! In order to do that we're reaching out to you. We found the perfect forever home in a 107 year-old church in the Logan Square neighborhood of Chicago and beat out a number of real estate developers vying to turn that church into condos. We have the down payment covered, but need your help in covering the cost of renovations and re-zoning.

Help us achieve the dream by donating today!

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