Recreational Classes...for the daredevil artist in all of us.

Our recreational classes are open to anyone 18 and over. We are committed to our "grown-ups only" environment, believing that adults need a safe space to feel like kids again! Our highly trained coaches will lead you through smart progressions to achieve whatever level of circus domination you aspire to. Don't be don't have muscles until you do! You can't do the splits until you can...and if you try, you CAN! Classes meet once a week and run on an 8 week session. Our schedule and class offerings change as instructors come in and out of town. Not all of our classes are described here, but feel free to email and ask if you need clarification.


Trapeze is the ballet of the air–the fundamental form on which all others are based. Aloft highly recommends (but doesn’t require) beginning your training with at least one session of trapeze classes to build your upper-body strength, learn basic aerial vocabulary and hone your aerial awareness.


Static Trapeze makes up the bulk of our trapeze offerings. Static trapeze gives you in valuable foundation that can help you transition to almost any other appratus and pick it up quickly. From basic skills to thrilling release moves and drops, trapeze will keep you challenged from the first lesson to your advanced practice, building strenth symetrically and quickly.


Single Point Trapeze incorporates dance and floor work with a trapeze that spins and swings. Students in Swinging trapeze must have completed at least Advanced Beginning Trapeze.

Aerial Silks

The silks look beautiful, elegant and effortless but are as hard as it gets! We suggest that students be at a good level of physical fitness before joining this class to get the most out of it. If you are unsure, try trapeze or aerial conditioning first! Students in beginning silks will spend a lot of time just learning to climb the silks, and perform basic holds on feet, hips and hands. You’ll learn how the silks behave, and how to control them. You’ll probably be doing the splits within the first month, and that’s always impressive!


Intermediate and advanced students will learn more complicated drops and creative positions, as well as work though exercises to build endurance, discover new movements and build skills into routines. In the more advanced classes we focus on silks and rope as very separate disciplines and students are encouraged to chose one to focus on.



Silks too dainty for you?

Aerial Conditioning 

Aerial Conditioning is a great class for students at any level. Focusing more on fundamentals and building core skills than on fancy tricks, Conditioning will whip you into shape, whether your goal is to become a top-notch aerialist, or just to make people nervous when you flex. For two whole hours, an instructor will lead you through cardio, strengthening and flexibility exercises on the floor and in the air. You’ll be smiling as you limp home. Aerial Conditioning and Technique is available at as a drop in class or your can buy a class card.


Have you ever wanted to learn acrobatics but been shy to try? Now is your chance. Focusing on alignment, agility and core connection, we will cover partner acrobatics, basic tumbling and flexibility in a safe, non-competitive environment. Acrobatics is a wonderful base skill to have for all circus arts, a fabulous conditioning tool, an inspiring confidence builder and and a great way to learn to control your body moving through space. Plus, it’s a blast!


I don’t know about you, but I love to stand on my hands. I think it’s one of the body’s most perfect positions, because when you find the balance, it feels like you are weightless, flying up-side-down. In this class, you will build strength, body awareness and balance through a series of drills and moves designed to get you closer to a solid hand stand. Come join in the fun as we learn to defy gravity one inversion at a time. Prerequisites: none for beginning class.


Straps will get you buff like nothing else! Similar to the men's rings in gymnastics, but more artistic and asymetrical, straps will challenge those who thought they were strong! No prerequisites, but you'll want to have a good level of upper body strength before trying this class.

Lyra/Aerial Hoop

Lyra is fun, challenging and a little bit painful. The aerial hoop is like a playgound of possibility and swings and spins and circles while you move from pose to pose in, on, under and above the apparatus. Prerequisites: one session of Trapeze, Silks or aerial conditioning.


Beginning: This class is designed for those with limited or no experience on the wire. Emphasis will be on mastering fundamental technique necessary for simply balancing. Other basic skills covered include walking forward and backward, turning, kneeling, and lunging. You will be asked to strengthen your mind as well as your body. Develop core postural muscles you never even knew existed and challenge your mind to be present in every step across the wire.


Intermediate: This class is designed for those with a basic knowledge of wire technique (forward and backward walking, turning, lunging, kneeling) and ability to successfully execute these skills most of the time. We will explore elements of Wire Dancing; faster and more complicated footwork, jumps, and partner work. If you can do it on the ground, you can do it on the wire, or at least you can try.

*All wire classes require soft full soled dance/acro shoes. Leather or suede soles are preferable to rubber as the techniques used require sliding across the wire. If you have questions regarding footwear please feel free to contact instructor via email:


Stretching and Contortion

Beginning Stretching and Flexibility: Really want that split? Or just to touch your toes? This class will get you there. The class will combine active and passive stretching, partner work and resistance to help you reach your flexibility goals.


Contortion: Taught by our Mongolian Contortion Master Teacher Oyuna Yadamjav, you will be challeneged and stretched like never before. This class is for students who are serious about flexibility as a professional goal.


You're probably funnier than you think. Come find out. Jumping into the world of clown takes courage, a sense of play, and most importantly: a sense of humor. We'll laugh a lot as we learn to access what our child-selves knew, and hone our onstage skills to become more present, more confidant and more spell-binding in front of audiences and in life. 

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