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Private Lessons

Aloft has private lessons available! Private lessons are arranged directly with the instructor. We are providing their information below. Please do not contact Aloft directly about scheduling private lessons.

Kristi Alyssa @kristialyssa

Kristi has been coaching and performing for 13 years. She is highly specialized in lyra/aerial hoop and teaches all levels beginning-professional. She is also available for private lessons in trapeze, flexibility, conditioning, act creation and beginning silks. She works with adults and kids and loves working with students of all abilities and backgrounds. . She especially enjoys working with students on dynamic skills, choreography, act creation and direction.

Chloe Zabecki @chloetzed

Chloe ls an aerialist who specializes in trapeze and lyra. She grew up in Chicago and went to school on the east coast. As a child she studied dance, then later discovered circus. She has trained with a variety of coaches who have helped her to develop her technique and aesthetic. When she's not training or teaching, she's practicing her Spanish lessons, playing ukulele, and baking cakes.


Zoe Sheppard @zoecsheppard

Zoë is abundantly proficient in both the creative, performance side of circus arts as well as the technical and management skills of operating in the circus business. She specializes in aerial silks, Cyr wheel, and aerial rope. She has performed at numerous events and in ensemble shows throughout the United States. Most recently she performed, toured, and was the head rigging and costume designer for Aloft’s newest immersive circus show, Brave Space. She successfully combines her athleticism, artistic voice, and enterprising business savvy into an excellent representative of the new circus world. Zoë currently spends the majority of her time in her Chicago apartment, delightedly coming up with creative ways to keep her and her students’ “in-circus-shape” while we all must stay-at-home. She has found the task of transitioning her circus teaching skills to web-based-teaching skills to be a surprisingly fun challenge. She loves to incorporate many different types of workouts into her new teaching repertoire. Blending everything from yoga, kickboxing, barre, pilates, weightlifting, mobility & self-massage techniques all together in a way that benefits her many circus focused students.

Hayley Larson @hayley.dynamo

Hayley is a multidisciplinary circus artist specializing in aerial silks, duo trapeze, and handstands, with an interest in aerial straps, and pretty much anything duo. She is primarily interesting in helping students to think outside the box while in the air while also working to increase mobility and explore new proprioceptive pathways.

Nick Ng @heysexytiger 515)491-6480

Nick is a pirate captain, space tiger, and aerialist that prides himself on gravity-defying technique that some would call “falling with style”. He loves balancing dynamic sequences with still moments, combining awe-inspiring movement with physical storytelling. Winning awards and hearts while traveling across the U.S. in the before times, he has spent years working with internationally renowned instructors and performers, and now brings his experience to Aloft. As a mover and teacher, Nick specializes in beats and momentum, c-shaping, dynamic sequencing, releases, character work, and ground-based aerial/floorial on rope, fabric, and straps. Let him bring you on an adventure.

Alisa Gaylon nofoxtogive (773)294-9646

Alisa has 4 years experience in sling and also teaches aerial basics classes as well as aerial yoga and non-aerial fitness formats including yoga, barre and personal training.

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