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It's a circus in a church.

Aloft's studio is in a 6000 sq ft church in the heart of Logan Square. We are walking distance from the Blue Line and on several major bus routes. We have tons of bike parking and a little courtyard where we grow vegetables and sometimes even have class in the summer.  Inside our stained-glass windows and soaring ceilings provide an inspirational background for your circus training.



The Sanctuary is the heart of Aloft. With soaring ceilings and 19 rigging points with adjustable heights from 24-40 ft, this is where your aerial work can really soar. In addition to aerial, we have a tramp wall, sprung tumbling strip and tightwire rigging. We can have 4 classes happening at a time in our Sanctuary. This is also where we have student performances, with professional lights and sound to capture your amazingness in all of it's glory!


The Basement-"Do go in the basement"

Basements are usually creepy and stinky (ok, ours might be a little stinky since it's full of acrobats), but ours is full of tightwires and trapeze! This is where our Aerial Basics Classes are held as well as handstand and tightwire. The ceilings down here range from 12 to 14 ft--just enough to get you off the ground while low enough to still be toasty in the wintertime!


The Trapeze Loft

The Loft is the perfect size for static trapeze. Not too tall, not too low, with points from 14-18ft.  The Loft is a great place to focus on keeping your alignment in check as you hang from your heels. The Loft has 4 trapezes and 4 silks, and overlooks all the excitement happening down in the Sanctuary so you don't feel left out! It's where we teach most of our Aerial ABC's get you used to heights!


Other Spaces!

We have lots of nooks and crannies where you can get your circus on! Stretch your oversplits or warm up on the treadmill in the Cry Room, meditate on a rope in an actual Bell Tower, focus on your handstands in the Classroom or chill with your friends on our grand lobby staircase. We might not be the hugest circus school on earth, but we have room for everyone!

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