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Aloft on demand

We are so excited to announce our new platform for online circus learning-Aloft On Demand! AOD is replacing our in-person and Zoom classes beginning on Dec 1.

We know, change can be scary. It's a new world for us, too! But now you can see your coaches smiling, sweating faces whenever you want! Usually eating dinner while Chloe smashes the splits? Do it in the morning! Want to take two classes that have been happening at the same time? Here time is irrelevant! We will be offering at least 30 on demand classes every month, ranging from 10-60 min each so you can luxuriate in your training, or squish it in between zoom meetings for a quick recharge. Every month our library of circus delights will grow and so will your strength, flexibility and circus smarts.


Aloft On Demand is the same price that our online classes have been all along, and they are unlimited! We add over 30 classes every month, as well as exciting, exclusive workshops from guest coaches from around the world! Train with the coaches you love, when it works for you.


Signing up is crazy easy. Just follow this link! You can also buy gift certificates so your loved ones can run away and join

the circus, without even leaving their house.


Check out the classes we have lined up for December!

Totally Toe Point

Push Up Power Up

Dance Pole: Intro to Static Spins and Climbs

C-shaped Core for Rolling Up in Circus and Life

Lats's Talk About Traps

No-handstands required handstand conditioning!

Silks Over the Door

Killer Cardio - No Equipment Necessary

I went into quarantine and all I got was this lousy handstand

Balance and Stabilizer Conditioning

Total Body Workout

Brain bites! - Silks Theory tidbits on the go


Pull up Bar Conditioning

Prenatal Circus Series

Hula Hoop fitness workout!

Juggling Your Workout

Home Conditioning for Vertical Aerialists

Flex and Bend

Parent/Tot Circus Workout

Get a Grip


Ballet Barre

Cardio for Clowns

Yoga for Circus

Single Hoop Choreography

Merry Condition-mas!

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