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Feeling antsy? Need to get your circus on but stuck in your house? Aloft's amazing instructors are here to keep your body moving and your brain socializing. Our classes are LIVE, not recorded, so that you can get corrections, communication and community!

Online classes are $15 for a drop in or $100 for an unlimited month. Here is how to sign up!

  • Students log into MindBody. You may need to search for "ALOFT DANCE"

  • If you don’t already have a MindBody account with us specifically, they will need to create one. A general MindBody account that isn’t created within our specific portal won’t work, unfortunately.

  • Click the “Online Store” tab

  • Select “Webinars” from the drop down menu

  • Select the Webinar Drop In

  • Check out

  • Email and let us know which class from the list below that you want to drop into!

  • Have an awesome time!

ALTERNATELY, you can sign up for our regular monthly circus classes. By doing that you are supporting Aloft, getting online classes now, and then you're able to use all the classes in the future as make-up lessons that NEVER expire! This is a good way to start getting in circus shape and be ready to hit the ground running when we reopen!

Pink highlights=kids classes. Green highlights=ideal for drop-ins.
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