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Kids Classes are Here!

PLEASE NOte: the annual kids and teens student show is MARCH 9th 2024! 

We are thrilled to announce youth programming at Aloft! Circus has been proven more effective than almost any other form of physical activity in advancing a child's balance, co-ordination, strength, flexibility, dexterity and--most importantly--confidence! Plus it's the most fun ever!

Classes run continuously and pending room in class are always open for registration! See class descriptions below and visit our class schedule page to see our current schedule.

Want a class or time we aren't offering? Shoot us an email!

If you'd like to register for a class go to the schedule page and then create a VAMP account for your child. You can register or add them to the waitlist. 

New to Aloft? Want to do a trial class before joining? Email

Kids Circus, ages 4-6

This class introduces your little ones to the fun of the circus arts! Kids will build confidence and movement skills while learning fun circus tricks! Students will learn multiple disciplines such as the aerial arts (sling, trapeze etc.), tumbling, acrobatics, juggling, tightwire and more! This class will improve coordination, teamwork, balance and strength while keeping kids moving and experiencing new skills every week! 

Kids Circus, ages 7-10

Our older kids will work on gaining a well rounded foundation in the circus arts in this class! Students will gain technique and skill on multiple circus discipline such as silks, aerial hoop, trapeze, sling, tumbling, acrobatics, tightwire, juggling and more! 

kids aerial, ages 7-12

This class is for the kids in this age range who want a little more challenge. Kids Aerial class focuses solely on the aerial apparatus - lyra, trapeze, sling, silks etc. and moves at a faster pace than our Kids Circus class. 

teen trapeze ages 12-17

Want to stay updated on new classes? Email to be added to our kids newsletter!

This class is for the teens who want to deep dive into all things trapeze! 

Teen Lyra, ages 12-17

This class is for building foundation and technique on the aerial hoop/lyra. The lyra is a circular bar apparatus that allows the artist to showcase poses and tricks while spinning in the air. Students will learn a mix of solo and duo aerial hoop! Beginner/AB Lyra and Int 1/Int 2 Lyra.

Youth Performance Troupe - prerequisite instructor approval needed

Please check out our "Aloft Youth Ensemble" tab for more info! 

Intermediate 1 and 2 Teen Silks, ages 12-17 (instructor permission required)

This class caters to the student with significant previous experience on either aerial silks or aerial rope. Students will work on advanced combinations and transitions as well as creating choreography and working on duo skills. Please email us to discuss your child's level before enrolling in this class.

Advanced Beginning Teen Silks, ages 12-17 (instructor permission required)

This class is a middle level silks classed designed for kids with previous silks experience. Students will work on continuing to build their skills and longer sequences in the air. Previous experience and instructor permission required

Beginning Teen Silks, ages 12-17

This class is focused on aerial silks and is designed for the beginner! Students will learn to climb, build strength and work on their skills on the aerial silks in this introductory course"


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