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Jolt Intensives

Need a jump-start of circus back in your life? Got some extra free time and want to make the most of it? Ever wanted to get a taste of what life would be like in a full time training program? We have what you are craving! Plug in and get a JOLT!

For 6 weeks, from Monday-Friday you’ll train from 9-1 each day. Training will be a combination of technique classes in a variety of skills (aerial, trampoline, tightwire, handstands) and ensemble classes like juggling, physical theater and dance, plus independent training and private lessons focused on act development. The 6 weeks will end in a showing of what you have created (virtual or in person TBD)! A class of no more than 8 students will give you plenty of time on the equipment and with your coaches! Come make the most of a weird time by living out your “weird” dreams (PS--we don’t think it’s weird, even if your family does). These classes will still be masked and socially distanced.
The cost is $1,800 for the 6 weeks. That is a 20% savings on the usual cost per hour of classes! Students MUST commit to the full six weeks! No make ups or credits will be offered for missed days. There are no auditions for Jolt, but you do need to apply!

As of August 2022, there are no future jolt programs booked - if you would like to stay informed about jolt returning in the future, we recommend subscribing to our newsletter!

"I loved being in the space and training every day. I loved the coaches. I loved the opportunity to perform (even virtually). I thought you guys did an excellent job of coming up with and adhering to covid safety protocols. I felt more safe in Aloft than at my laboratory job."

-Kim Melohn, Jolt sessions 1 and 2

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