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Due to COVID's resurgence, all In Person Classes at Aloft are currently cancelled. Please visit Aloft On Demand for our latest programming.


Chicago is in Phase 4, and so Aloft is slowly reopening. Our approach to getting you back in the air is slow and methodical. Safety isn't just about not catching a virus--our classes are designed to make sure that bodies that have only been doing online classes for 4 months can successfully transition to intense aerial training without a needless injury that will further sideline someone. We know you are eager to flip and fly, but we promise that if you stick by our plan you will get there, and stronger than ever. It's never a bad idea to go back to the basics and brush up on your technique (just ask a ballet dancer) so all of our classes have been transformed into open level "Back to the Air" classes where you will review alignment, conditioning, efficient movement and also get some satisfying tastes of the circus future that awaits you.


But enough about that. You really want to know what we are doing to keep you from getting the Rona! Well, here are the steps we are taking. 

  • Most importantly, everyone wears a mask. Everyone. Kids, adults, students, teachers, Santa Claus. We all wear masks. Period.

  • All students must sign a new waiver before their first class, which includes COVID language.

  • We are running at a severely reduced capacity. Where normally we might have 3 or more classes running in the Sanctuary at the same time, we now will only have 1, allowing students to social distance around the room. Classes are limited to 7 participants.

  • We have invested in new, fancy cleaning supplies and equipment. Vital Oxide is a sanitizing solution that kills COVID and can be used on porous surfaces and circus equipment without damaging the integrity of the equipment. It even keeps working for hours after it's dried!

  • Equipment will be rested for 24 hours after use and sanitation.

  • No shared equipment allowed. Students are encouraged to bring their own equipment.

  • No shared chalk, rosin or water is available. Students should plan to bring these things.

  • Spotting will be used in emergency situations only. Coaches are trained to help you find success without having to physically touch you. 

  • Classes are shortened to 1 hour to reduce potential exposure time and to allow for 30 minutes of cleaning between classes.

  • Entry and exit patterns from the building will encourage social distancing.

  • All students need to fill out this health survey within one hour of their class.

  • Aloft is following industry best practice, city of Chicago reopening guidelines and monitoring the situation daily. In the event of exposure, the class will be notified and cancelled until all participants have gotten negative covid tests. At that time the class will resume.

  • Our studio manager, Zoe Sheppard, is an ACE (American Circus Educators) Safety Consultant and helped create the industry guidelines for reopening. You're in good hands, ya'll.



At all times:

  • Masks required at all times

  • Practice a minimum of 6ft of social distancing from all people



  • Fill out pre-entry survey prior to entering the building

  • Make sure your mask is on - over both your nose & mouth

  • Students may not arrive (and be allowed to wait inside) more than 15min before class starts. If you arrive earlier than 15 min, you must wait outside.
    On the stairs are socially distanced waiting spaces. Enter and go to the furthest spot open up the stairs. The 8th spot is on the stairs up close to the loft.
    Late students must ring the bell.

  • Remove shoes in the lobby. Take shoes with you.

  • Go directly to Sanctuary

  • Choose one of the designated blue training boxes (instructor is in the yellow box in center of room)

  • Avoid walking through boxes other than your own

  • All personal items must go in your designated training box

  • You must sanitize or wash hands for 20 sec before handling any Aloft equipment or rigging

  • If using Aloft equipment, proceed to the equipment storage area and select a silk/lyra/trapeze from the clean area

  • If you know how, you may rig your own equipment. Make sure your instructor checks it before you get on it

  • Your mat must have the mesh side DOWN


During Class:

  • Stay in your training box

  • If you leave your training box, sanitize your hands before you touch anything

  • If you are overheated, you may step outside the north-east exit to get some fresh air. You may take your mask off if you are alone outside

  • Sanitize your hands before returning to class

  • You may lift your mask to drink water

  • Do not attempt any skills unless you are instructed to do so

  • Do not share chalk or rosin

  • No aerosol spray rosin on Aloft-owned equipment


After Class

  • Refer to your instructor about what to do with your apparatus

  • You may be asked to de-rig it. You may be asked to hang something else in its place

  • Use the anti-viral spray (pink-top bottles) to spray and wipe down your mat with paper towels. Leave mat in training box.

  • Spray and clean the hard floor inside your box. You may clean around your mat.

  • You may put paper towels on the provided Swiffer mops to make this easier

  • Dispose of all used paper towels in trash cans

  • Collect all personal items, and exit the building through the Kimball door / rear staircase

A note or two about training in masks (language stolen from Versatile Arts in Seattle):

  • Start slowly – it takes time to adjust to it!

  • If you feel light-headed or head-achy, STOP and rest.

  • Take frequent breaks.

  • Bring extra masks in case yours gets saturated

  • Test that your mask will stay on when inverted and that you can see around it in a variety of orientations.

  • Bonus points for having your mask match your outfit. 

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