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covid precautions and policies

What we are doing to keep you safe


  • Aloft has updated our entire HVAC system to improve air circulation and filtration with MERV and HEPA filters.

  • All students must sign a new waiver before their first class, which includes COVID language.

  • Mats are cleaned with anti-viral spray after every use.

  • Due to a lack of evidence of surface transmission, Aloft is allowing shared equipment. Students MAY still bring their own equipment, and sign up for class with a sharing partner. Students should sanitize their hands between turns.

  • Classes have 15 min of time in between for cleaning and safe entrance and exit.

  • Aloft is following industry best practice, city of Chicago reopening guidelines and monitoring the situation daily. In the event of exposure, the class will be notified and cancelled until all participants have gotten negative covid tests. At that time the class will resume.

  • Our studio manager, Zoe Sheppard, is an ACE (American Circus Educators) Safety Consultant and helped create the industry guidelines for reopening. You're in good hands, ya'll.




  • Remove shoes in the lobby. Take shoes with you.

  • Go directly to Sanctuary

  • You must sanitize or wash hands for 20 sec before handling any Aloft equipment or rigging


During Class:

  • Sanitize your hands before returning to class


After Class

  • Use the anti-viral spray (pink-top bottles) to spray and wipe down your mat with paper towels. 

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