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Aloft is Chicago's premier teaching, training, and performance space. Located in an old church in Logan Square, Aloft Circus Arts is a cool, fun community of recreational students and professional circus artists. We have classes for adults and kids, professional training programs, and monthly shows. Our aerial dance studio offers a unique opportunity to explore the aerial arts and build a strong community with like-minded individuals. Come experience the thrill of flying!

three students are posing on brightly colored aerial silks high in the air during the student show

new to circus?!

If you want to try us out and have never taken an aerial class, take one of our Aerial Basics Classes.

You can choose ABC Silks or ABC Trapeze (which gets you ready for Lyra and Sling also.)

$16 each or $54 for the month

follow us @AloftCircusArts


and join the Aloft Students! group on facebook

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